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CERAMO: Post Installation Cleaning Techniques.

The following information is to provide a practical and effective Post Installation Cleaning method for ceramic tile floors. For regular everyday cleaning refer to General Cleaning information sheet.

General: The aim is to achieve a Post Installation clean to a floor by removing cementitious residues left on the floor due to the installation and grouting of the tiled floor. The method employed will remove these residues from the floor through the use of a specific low Ph solution to effectively remove the adhesive, grout and building grime residues that invariably remain after tiles have been installed.

  • 3 Buckets
  • Cleaning Solution: Fila Deterdek
  • Fresh water
  • Squeegee Mop
  • Stiff bristle broom
  • Good quality cotton mop
  1. Add fresh water and then Fila Deterdek (see label for ratio) to one bucket.
  2. Add fresh water to the two other buckets.
  3. Start in the furthest most corner of room and work towards the exit, working in small manageable areas 2-3sqm at a time.
  4. Start by dipping the squeegee mop into the bucket with the Deterdek solution and applying the solution to a manageable area. Allow solution to sit there (without drying out) for approximately 2-3 mins.
  5. Scrub this area with the stiff bristle broom.
  6. Take the Cotton mop and dip into one of the remaining buckets and wash floor that has just been scrubbed. Rinse the mop in the remaining bucket and repeat until the scrubbed area has been effectively rinsed and any residue of the Deterdek has been removed. Replace water in last bucket once it shows signs of soiling and detergent.
  7. Repeat procedure on the rest of the floor making sure that you work in small manageable areas and avoid the Deterdek drying off on the floor. Note if Deterdek dries off before rinsing, it may leave a cloudy residue. In which case just reapply the Deterdek solution and repeat rinsing.
Summary: The use of a Post Installation Clean will leave you with a floor looking and performing at its best and is easy to maintain (with the general cleaning techniques).

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