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1. Glossary of Terms
If you would like to know what a Rectified tile is or what Shade variation means, or want the answer to a number of other general industry related questions, click on the following link which will connect you to our Industries most reputable Tiling Magazine and get an independent response.

For other more CERAMO related questions continue to refer to points 2 – 7 below.
2. What is the best way to give my new tiles an initial clean?
We recommend that every tiling job be given a Post Installation Clean. This type of clean is different to everyday cleaning as it aims to remove any residual grout, adhesive and building grime from a newly installed tiling job. Click here to view our "Post Installation Clean Guideline Sheet for tiles".
3. What is the best way to give my tiled floor a regular clean?
Tiled floors are generally a very easily maintained surface, but there are a few tips to keep in mind that will give you the best result with the least effort. Click here to view our "Everyday cleaning Guideline Sheet for tiles".
4. Can I get a sample tile of products I am interested in?
Samples are generally available in two formats – either a cut piece (approx. 150mmx150mm) or a full tile. Samples are charged for, but payment can be reimbursed when sample is returned. For ease of transaction, keep your paperwork and bring with you when you are returning sample tiles.
5. Will CERAMO install my tiles as well?
Whilst we generally do not offer an installation service, we can refer you to reputable tilers if you have purchased our products.
6. What is an "Order in" Item?
Some items displayed are not stocked in our warehouse or have to be ordered in on a job per job basis. These items have special conditions of sale attached. For example, returns are generally not accepted for these types of items.
7. How many tiles should I keep as spares at the end of a tiling job?
Keeping a few spare tiles at the end of a job is always highly recommended. In the unlikely event that you need to replace a tile having the exact same shade and calibre will enable this to be done in a way that will look exactly the same as the original job. The number of tiles you should keep will depend on the size of tile you have installed and the total area that was originally tiled. As a general rule a minimum of 3 tiles or approximately 2% of the total job quantity.

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