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For over 50 years, Middle Swan Trading Pty Ltd now trading as CERAMO has been a leading importer of the world’s finest ceramic tiles. Most come from classic tile making regions such as Italy and Spain, where they draw on centuries of craftsmanship and tradition and where strict environmental requirements are adhered to and workers are protected by legislation to be treated in a fair and ethical manner.

At CERAMO we advise our customers on the latest concepts in fine ceramics so as to optimise the full potential of our products in application and aim to provide a consistent service level which exceeds our clients expectations at all stages of our relationship with the customer.

We contribute to the fulfilment of customer lifestyle needs through the provision of products which inspire creative and innovative design solutions and we are passionate about realising the desires of our customers through the integration of our product into the built environment.

Ultimately we are convinced that a combination of innovative product and interior design have a decisive influence on lifestyle and that our ceramics range can both inspire and realise your vision.

Welcome to CERAMO.
Serving the tile industry
for more than 50 Years
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