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The PORCELANOSA Group has developed a vinyl flooring with a high resistance to abrasion, impacts, damp, staining and chemical agents.

Linkfloor is the result of research by L'Antic Colonial into the development of highly stable, top-quality, PVC-based flooring.

With an appearance that emulates natural wood or braided textile fibres, Linkfloor incorporates a special Lock system so that it can be swiftly and easily laid, with no need for expansion joints in surfaces of up to 200 m².

Thanks to its composition, Linkfloor has a pleasant, warm surface that prevents the build-up of dust mites, thus avoiding allergies and breathing problems.

Linkfloor is specially suited for use in areas subject to high pedestrian traffic, like commercial premises, restaurants, sports centres, offices, airport terminals or railway stations. It can also be used in private homes, even in kitchens and bathrooms, thanks to its waterproof properties.

Linkfloor vinyl flooring comes with the German "Ü" mark, the French "A+" rating, and the CE mark, as well as being ASTM certified. It also has the added assurance of a 15-year guarantee by L'Antic Colonial.

20mm thick porcelain pavers are an ideal solution to any outdoor garden or deck area and for rooftop terraces. The inherent strength and stain resistance of the porcelain allows the pavers to be laid without the use of adhesives directly onto a variety of compacted surfaces or raised on a pedestal system that additionally allows services to run under.

Evo2.0 by Mirage is one such versatile system for designing outdoor living areas. Almost twice as thick as standard porcelain tile, Evo can be installed as a paver onto grass, gravel or raised installation systems. Evo is unaffected by spalling, mould, staining or rock salts that cause problems for traditional pavers.

Innovative technology within the ceramics industry has developed an ultra thin porcelain sheet with sizes up to 3 metre x 1 metre and bigger. With a thickness of around 3.5mm the product is light and can be used very successfully to achieve a slab appearance in areas that would otherwise not cope with the weight. It provides a very seamless floor or wall covering that is suitable in both commercial and residential projects.

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