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CERAMO – How to clean a tiled floor: general cleaning.

The following information is to provide a practical and effective cleaning method for ceramic tile floors. It is based on the presumption that the floor has had an effective "Post Installation Clean". (See Post installation cleaning method for more information).

General: The aim is to clean a floor by removing water soluble stains and soil caused by every day use of a domestic ceramic tile floor. The method employed will remove dirt from the floor and avoid just spreading out the dirt across a floor as so often happens. The avoidance of heavy detergents using this method will also ensure that the floor stays cleaner for longer.

  • 2 Buckets with Wringer if using a cotton mop or without if using a cleaning pad/rag (eg. Enjo)
  • Cleaning Solution : (Neutral PH, No rinse type) – (eg. Filacleaner) or 1 cup of Metholated Spirits or 1 cup of White Vinegar.
  • Fresh water
  • Good quality cotton mop or cleaning pad.
  1. Vacuum or dust mop floor.
  2. Prepare two buckets of fresh water.
  3. Add Cleaning Solution to one of the buckets of water.
  4. Set equipment in furthest corner of the room and work towards the exit.
  5. Dip mop into bucket with cleaning solution and wring slightly.
  6. Mop the floor by moving the mop side to side using a figure eight motion (if using a cotton mop head) and backwards and forwards if using a cleaning pad.. Overlap as you move. Note: good mopping technique for a cotton mop is to pass the mop approximately 30cm from front of shoes and hold the mop at a 15deg angle from vertical.
  7. As the mop head or pad becomes soiled, rinse in the fresh water bucket (the one without the cleaning solution) and wring. Change this water when it becomes dirty.(important!).
  8. Again dip the mop head or pad into the cleaning solution bucket, wring, and repeat procedure until entire floor area is cleaned.
Summary: The use of no rinse cleaners and regular changing of dirty water in the rinse bucket will effectively remove dirt from the floor and maximize the ease of cleaning of your floor. The most common mistake made is to use too much detergent (making it impossible to rinse effectively) as well as not changing the rinse bucket water often enough thereby putting dirty water back onto the floor.

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